Guys: Do you prefer call over text? I don't know if I should call this guy I have been texting

I have been texting this guy I met a couple of weeks ago and we have never talked to each other on the phone yet. I really like him, and I want to get to know him more. Texting is kind of hard to get to know someone, and it seems better and easier to talk instead. But I am scared to call him. I don't know if he won't want to talk or what he'll think. Please help me, thank you :)


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  • If he starts the conversation i.e texts you first than don't be afraid to call him because if he texts you first he wants to talk to you. But if I was you I would make up a sly situation where by you can call him something like you ran out of texts for that month or something along those lines. So overall if he initiates the conversation he wants to talk so don't be afraid to call him, he also might be shy to call you so it could be a stalemate situation.

    Hope it helps

    A guy.


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  • if he has been txting you and answering then he should answer the phone. if he gets upset that you called him he is crazy and get rid of him. why don't you call him and go hang out with him somewhere

  • "Texting is kind of hard to get to know someone, and it seems better and easier to talk instead"

    everything has been said.

  • You should really give him that call.

    It will help you both get closer through hearing each others' voices.


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