Need a males point of view right now.. Why the hell is he igoring me? Help

So typical girl meets guy story.. We where into each other or so I thought, We spoke all day everyday for like six weeks he'd take me to work told me often how much he wanted to hold me/kiss me and at one point said he was "falling for me" I invited him round to cuddle which we did he'd kiss my forehead my jaw tickle me and just hold me and id cuddle up with my head on his chest, we ended up making out for ages he left everything was fine but since he's done a total 360 what the hell has happened? We haven't argued or anything like that.. When I didn't hear from him after afew days I text him to which no reply then I text him again just saying like I don't know why your ignoring me but its cool if you want me to delete your number just say.. Pretty hurt by this I thought everything was going fine.. HELP!?


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  • I agree with frankleberry. There's guys who just want to do sexual things and then guys who want to enjoy the relationship. The guys who tend to want sex usually end up getting bored and stop trying if they don't get it. In some guys heads, not all, when you invite them over, they're expecting to get some. And if they don't they'll lose interest because they may be immature and there priorities aren't right. You don't necessarily need to give in to this though, just spice things up without going past your limit. And if he doesn't respect that then maybe he's not the one and you should focus on someone else? I hope it works out though


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  • 6 weeks of hugging and kissing and nothing else? he was hoping to get some and descided to look else where. I am guessing.

    If you are and want to stay a virgin till your married that's cool but you better make it pretty clear up froon that it is not negociable.

    Some sh*tty guys actually try for gilrs trying to wait and convince them otherwisie. They think it s cool but it is crappy even if you don't believe in that messing with someone who does is crappy.

    • No I'm def not a virgin lmao, But I take things slow there's no need to rush things ad he was fine with that... Men strange creatures that's the only answer I can come up with atm

  • He was probably busy. We guys do our stuff, women are not the centre of our world, you know. Text him to get together again. Simple.

    • Twice and no reply.. Bit sus to me to be honest :/

    • Twice? Well, yeah, that's a bit weird. Patience, do not get into stalker mode, not yet.

    • 3 strikes... and he's outta there, Leave him be

  • I agree with the previous post, your not the centre of the universe, guys need to go to work and stuff too, we don't think about girls all the time, maybe sex, but not girls. Give him space


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