Why does the girl I'm talking to let me fool around with with her but not let me French-kiss her?

I've been casually seeing this girl as "friends;" she comes over to my flat almost everyday even if it's just for a half hour. We've had a little fun but nothing major, mostly massages. I know she likes me - otherwise she wouldn't come over so often. But the best kiss I've shared with her is a sloppy peck. It's almost as if she doesn't like to make out. To top things off she told me that she hasn't had sex in three months and that it was a one-night stand. Where do I go from here aside from continuing to attempt to build a relationship?


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  • Maybe you have bad breath bro...no offense I've just heard girls say that about guys


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  • not to be harsh, but she might not like you like that. Does she just show up or do you invite her over? Because if it is just you asking, she might just want to hang out. Plus if you're giving the massages, she just might like a free massage.

    But if she is the one initiating the coming over, ask her why she won't.


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  • well what does she do or say when you try to kiss her? that should tell you a lot about what's going on...