Do you believe in the "honeymoon" phase?

During the first dates, or even during the first few months?

Is a relationship doomed if you have a couple of conflicts right at the beginning (making you rethink the whole dating idea), or this is actually a necessary step to get to know each other and get comfortable around each other?

What do you think? Would you give it up right away if it were you, or stick around a little more and see how it develops?


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  • I believe that evry thing depends on the personnality conflict.

    Sometimes you meet someone whose personality matches yours exactly, so at the beginning in the seduction phase everything goes great. But then sometimes after a certain period of time having simlar personalities becomes annoying and all your flaws appear and that is annoying.

    However if you fall out with your date but you eventually forgive or forget I would stick around because that means that with a person you know there is a chemistry somewhere that pulls you back together and so I would leave the relationship a chance to develop.

    so yeah :)


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  • It's only trouble when the girl naively believes that the honeymoon phase should last for ever.


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  • I definitely experienced the honeymoon phase haha...honestly after over a year might still be in I do believe in it. Not every does though. A few bumps are nothing to worry about (: they just happen with most people! I'd stick it out and see. Every relationship dynamic is different, just give it time and figure out what yours is.

  • Yes the honeymoon phase is real but I wouldn't necessarily think that the relationship is doomed if you have a few bumps along the way in the beginning.