Is he interested and why won't he kiss me?

This guy and I have been talking for about a month and a half. I’m a senior and he’s a junior, both in high school. He pursued me at first, and I sort of tried to ‘run him off’ because I wasn’t really into him. I thought that he was only looking for a hook up, and I’m not that kind of girl.

Eventually a conversation came up and I pretty much told him that if he was looking for a hook up he was looking in the wrong spot because I’m the kind of girl you take on dates not the kind you text for a few days and then expect sex from. He said that if he was only looking for ass then he could find it somewhere else.

That was almost a month ago, and after getting to know him better, I’ve got a crush on him. We’ve gone out on one ‘date’ about 2 weeks ago, and he’s come over to have dinner with me and my parents twice since then. He works all the time and doesn’t have a lot of free time so I find it telling that he’s spending his time with me when he could be out partying with his friends.

All of these things lead me to believe he’s into me. The problem is, he won’t kiss me! It’s not that he’s shy, because he’s far from it. My guy friends tell me that I’m sort of intimidating, so I’m afraid that I may have led him to believe that I’m a prude and would kick him in the nuts if he tried ANYTHING (refer back to the hook-up conversation). So, my question is: Does he like me, and how the heck am I supposed to get him to kiss me? I’ve thought about maybe kissing him on the cheek when we hug goodbye after hanging out, just to give him a hint. Or maybe just coming right out and saying ‘Are you ever gonna kiss me?’ What should I do?


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  • Sorry for the blunt nature of my answer but to simply answer your point on kissing; he isn't obligated to. It really doesn't matter how much you like him or he likes you, as things stand now and any other situation where a commited relationship is absent, there is no obligation for kissing.

    I suggest you not to be indirect about kissing and just go for it. I mean, what are you afraid of? If you are clueless on how to get into such a situation it always helps to be touchy feely. Make sure your hands touch his either directly or indirectly (but firmly) slowly bring your face closer to his and go for it!

    To answer your point on him being interested; what do you want to know exactly? You probably want things to be "official" but your feelings to him seem loud and clear. You basically need to come clean and express them. The thing is, you can't just expect him to "make the move" which it seems you are doing. He clearly isn't meeting your pace for him to express his feelings towards you (whether he feels the same or not) so I advise you either to be upfront and speak to him regarding your feelings, or forget about it and accept it was never meant to be. I hope you stop treating the situation passively, build up courage and do the former.

    • Thanks for your answer. I took your advice and told him how I felt. We ended up having quite a long conversation about our relationship, and he says that we're just friends. Not exactly the answer that I was hoping for, but I'm glad to know where I stand.


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  • He may not know when is the right time to move it to the next level of your relationship. You did say at the start you won't into sleeping with a guy. He may have taking that you won't into kissing other. You may need to tell him you ready to take your relationship to the next level or just make the move yourself and kiss him.

  • He really does like you.

    The fact that you're not expecting sex makes him shy away.


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  • He obviously likes you or he wouldn't be spending time with you. Go out with him on a date outside of your house, not near your parents, and go somewhere kind of romantic and pretty, or just do something really fun (splash in a fountain, I don't freaking know haha) and then when you're in that moment where you're both really happy and calm, just stop and get serious and give him hints you want him to kiss you. Like tilt your head down to the side and look up submissively, bite your lip, look at his mouth, and see if he leans in. If he still doesn't by then you can mutter something like "What are you thinking right now" and hopefully he'll say something about kissing haha.

    Good luck!