Is there a chance for us?

This guy and I like each other, but he's dating this girl. He's told me a million times he wants to break up with her, he doesn't even like her, he wishes he were single, etc. I really want to date him, and he seems to really like me. Is there a chance we could work out?


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  • Let's be honest -- if he REALLY wanted to break up with her, he would have done it. He is still with her, so obviously he cares for her. Sad to say, but bad guys tend to say things like this a lot. He wants to have his cake and eat it to, meaning he is most likely trying to hook up with you while still in a relationship with her. Besides, do you really want your relationship with him (should one ever occur, which I doubt) to be set on a foundation where he bad-mouthed his old girlfriend to a potential new mate? Who is to say he wouldn't do the same thing again when he grew bored with his relationship with you? Leave it be. It's bad all around.

  • Actions speak louder than words. Wait for him to break up with his girlfriend, don't let anything happen between the two of you until he does. And then, yeah, maybe something could work out for the two of you - maybe it won't. Who knows. But don't do anything unless he's single and available. All you'll do is make yourself look like the bad guy, and probably get yourself hurt.