How soon is too soon to be emotionally invested in a potential relationship?

Lets say you have a blind date with a girl/guy, setup, whatever.

Your date goes extremely well and you have a second, then a third, and so on. Next thing you know you're seeing each other regularly, but you're not sure on what the two of you are.

So my question is, especially to the soon is too soon for a guy to admit he has feelings for you? Is it a turn off if he falls for you fast?

This has nothing to do with sex...this is simply about a romantic connection and relationships/dating.


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  • Depends a lot on the situation. But for your specific situation, I'd say that right about now is a good time, especially since you're seeing each other regularly already. It might be a turn off if it's completely out of the blue and I've barely just met the guy, but for you, it seems to be a lot more anticipated. As harveykinkle said, don't admit your feelings, just discuss with her what's happening between you two and where it might lead. It's a lot easier to talk about it lightly like that, without actually having to go into any deep and serious details, especially since it would probably be your first time talking about it with her. That way you won't have to spill all the beans for her at once and then end up getting your heart broken. And in a less negative light, it's also good because it gives her time to think it through if she wants to confess right away or not as well. :)

    • Actually she already broke my heart, I'm just asking to see how I could do things differently next time lol.

    • Ohh... well, that sucks. :( But yeah, hopefully it'll go well next time then!


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  • Don't admit your feelings - that spooks some people even if they feel the same way.

    Instead discuss where she sees the relationship going or what she's looking for.

  • If I was seeing him regularly I wouldn't be too freaked out from him telling me he likes me because chances are I would feel the same about him at that point.


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  • I think it is never too soon to be emotionally invested. If you wait to be emotionally invested, waiting for the other person to go first, then sometimes, the relationship can't progress.