Why is he acting so dramatic?

3 weeks ago, I stopped dating this guy from work. We only dated for 1.5 wks, but it was intense. We went out every day. He broke it off because he's leaving town in 2 months, and he doesn't want to get hurt. I wanted to keep dating, but he insisted that he didn't want to get hurt. He said he would get hurt because we definitely had long term potential. Anyway, I keep seeing him at work and we were always cordial. We said hi, joked in passing, etc. Just yesterday though, he got super dramatic. Our coworkers were going out. I was going with them. Just before we left, it started pouring rain (flood level rain). I noticed he asked another coworker for an umbrella, but that person's umbrella was broken. As I was the only one who had an umbrella and I was getting a car ride to go out with people I offered him mine. He has a 1.5mi walk home, so he needed the umbrella. I offered it in friendly way. Also nobody else had an umbrella, but we were all getting in a car so it made sense to offer him mine. He's not taking anything away from me. Anyway, he refused to take it while looking all stoic and acting like I had hurt his feelings. After saying he couldn't possibly take it, he stormed off into the rain without a coat or anything and me and the 10 other people going out watched as he left. It was the most dramatic exit ever. Even if he didn't want the umbrella, he could have gotten a ride home from us. It was weird! Why is he acting so proud/like a jilted lover when he broke things off? It was just bizarre.


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  • You should just let him do what he wants.

    Be happy with your life instead.


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  • geezuz so everyone seen what he did and then watched him storming down the street in the pouring rain? lol I'm sorry for laughing but yeah that's pretty dramatic. poor guy. he's just unsure how to handle things.