He asked me if I want to casually date for the 4 weeks I have left here. Bad idea?

I know for a fact this guy really likes me. He texts me and asks me to hang out all the time... I'm leaving in 4 weeks, moving across the country and he knows this. We've been dating for a few weeks now... I figured we were already casually dating. Today he asked me if I wanted to just make the most of the time we have left together and casually date before I leave.

Am I leading him into a trap? I know I'll be able to separate from him in 4 weeks, but am I doing him a disfavor?


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  • You'll be doing him a favor.

    Go there.

    • hahaha well... yeah... idk... he likes me, but I don't realllly like him that much... so that's why I asked...


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  • no he either wants to spend more time with you. or he wants to have sex with you and knows sinces your leaving he won't have to break up.

    • oh he's totally not that kind of guy at all!

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  • It's not like its your idea, its his. So how are you leading him into a trap? Its not like you're lying or hiding anything from him.

    Just don't sleep with him, respect yourself more than that :P

    • Oh yeah, I have no intention of doing that and I doubt he does either. Idk, I just feel like he might get attached. Guess I shouldn't worry?

    • If he gets attached, it's his own fault. He knows you're only casually dating him so like I said, not like you're lying or misleading him in any shape or form.

    • hahaha OK good!

  • Sure have fun.