Ex is dating someone and suddenly wants to be friends again?

I jumped into dating this guy and we ended up going out for about 3 months but things ended pretty badly and a week later he met another girl. He completely ignored me for two months until last week when he suddenly approaches me asking to talk about things...telling me he wishes we didn't end as badly as we did and he wants to be my friend. He even tried holding my hand and even asked for a kiss after our talk! What's going on?


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  • Like the other guy said, he's co ing on too strong. Is not at all weird that someone, after your situation, would still want to be friends. You didn't really date for at long, it didn't work out because your both not what e other was looking for.

    Had he not tried to hold your hand and kiss you I'd say its totally fine.

    But he did, so he's probably trying to just get some


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  • He's coming on too strong.

    You don't have to deal with him.

    He's just trying to be with you, considering you as his last resort when everything fails in the dating world.


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  • If he really wants to be with you make him work for it. No physical contact at all- let him take you out to dinner etc. and explain to you in detail why he left. I just got out of a 3 month relationship and it was the best relationship I'd ever been in (thought the same thing for him) but then he dumped me out of nowhere. He hasn't contacted me in over a week and I'm already back on the dating website where I met him. If I were you, I would continue to see him and date other people and you'll find the right guy. I wouldn't say you are his last resort or he is using you- he probably thinks you are a great catch and realizes he shouldn't have dumped you but you still shouldn't jump back into a full blown relationship with him. Get to know him and figure his situation out before you are officially back with him