My mother is so bad at her relationships

Basically my mom is a single mother , has been for a long time, but she has had boyfriends and every relationship has gone down hill, mostly cause she is so hard to deal with

she has major trust issues, and always fights with her men, like non stop on the phone yelling , now she's also dating a guy and all they do is fight on the phone, like she never learns, and I'm like don't you get tired of a relationship where you fight all the time

she also picks men who are not good, but she has dated doctors etc and she dates them for like 1-6 years but its all fighting etc, the guy I looked as like my step dad , him and her dated for 6 years and she spendt all the time yelling and screaming on the phone non stop

and I'm so tired , like mother you are 40 time to settle down and stop being a psycho woman

she has total trust issues and maybe confidance issues...


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  • Totally agree with the guy below. Tell her all you just wrote to us, so it will get her to start yelling and emotional. Then you confront her, saying that her poor choices have made her miserable and that you are tired of having to deal with her issues. You are now old enough to understand what she is going through and are willing to help her choose a suitable boyfriend.


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  • Let her learn from experiences.

    Those experiences will build up over time and she'll come up as a new person.

  • maybe help her to find a guy you think would be suitable for her instead of letting her pick the wrong ones

    • i know but she likes the bad boys

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  • It would help if she was picking 'better men'. Honestly though, until she changes what SHE is doing, it doesn't matter if he's a saint, it won't work out. It sounds like she is just lacking the social skills to keep a happy healthy relationship. I mean, what is there to really fight about all the time? If you won't be mad about it two weeks from now, it's probably not worth the argument. Does she get some sort of high off fighting? Does she never see the other side? Is she unable to compromise? Her issues definitely start within HER, not within the men she chooses to date.