Guy I've been dating on for 4 weeks, winked at my girlfriend yesterday. What should I think?

So, this guy I've been communicating with for 4 weeks, winked at one of my friends yesterday. This guy and I typically communicate via text once or... Show More

We have been on a few dates just to clarify.

Most Helpful Girl

  • you guys never talked about exclusivity, not intimate yet. you are still on early dating stage.

    sounds like you are still on the site too. and you also reply emails and winks.

    although he is making initiative to someone, you are too communicating with other guys.

    he will obviously assume 'this girl is still checking the site' and obviously he will still out on the field since you guys are not really anything.

    since you've talked to him for a month, I don't know how close you guys are and how many dates you guys went, how much you guys talk to each other.. it all depends on these little facts.

    so try to see if you guys are serious enough where you two want to stop talking other people and see how it goes. but since you like him alot, why don't you bring it up just asking if he's dating or still on the site.. and take it from there.