Guy doesn't pay when clearly he is interested!

So I've been talking to this guy for about 2 weeks now, and I got the sense that he was interested. he wanted to get frozen yogurt and walk in the park, but he didn't pay. So I thought that maybe he just saw me as a friend or just wanted to wait until a real date to pay? But he still kept texting me and wanted to hang out again, this time for dinner/drinks and hookah. He still didn't pay for me, and when he walked me home he lingered on our hugs and seemed like he was trying to make some kind of move. I don't get why he doesn't pay for anything if he is interested in me? I am not going to think of him as anything more than a friend if he can't even care enough to pay for me or thinks that these were dates when they were not. I am just really confused ! Help!


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  • Maybe he "goes dutch" on dates. He could also be on hard times.

    I honestly don't blame any guy for doing this nowadays to protect himself from dating a potential gold digger. When I used to actively go on dates I'd buy a cup of coffee for them and leave it at that until I knew they were actually somewhat dating material. Buying a girl an all out restaurant dinner and not even getting a text back saying thanks can be quite saddening for a guy. There's a lot of heartless girls out there who will never be able to make a man happy in their life.


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  • Are you after a free meal or getting to know the guy?

    • i don't need anything free, I can pay for myself. its the meaning behind it, shows that he cares enough over you than splitting the check. that's just common courtesy of dating, I guess its not common sense to be a gentleman

    • maybe a lot of girls have ripped him off for free meals before

  • Some guys seriously don't think they should pay. Equality of the sexes and all that.

    His attitude could be - look, are you a hooker? Am I paying for your time and affection with goods and services?


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  • I know what you mean. We're taught that a guy paying for us is a sign of an official date. So when a guy is interested but doesn't offer to pay, we get confused. :/ It's possible he was brought up differently or something. Not all guys know the "rules" of dating.