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What do you do about guys who wants an instant relationship? I'm not especially beautiful, not especially successful or smart... and guys do not notice me very much. I tried online dating because about 40% - 60% of the guys I meet want to date me, and spend time with me... but they want an instant relationship and I can't give that... I want to be with a guy out of choice, not out of necessity or desperation. How do you avoid "instant relationship status" when you are dating guys online? Some guys get angry because I let them pay for my food and then refuse to kiss them.


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  • Hun, you shouldn't date guys online, PERIOD. You never know who the guy is, even if you think you know the guy. Most guys online are like guys in bars, they're looking for sex.


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  • Let them know ahead of time that its not what your looking for. When you first start talking ask him what he wants out of a relationship then put in your own input about how you like to go slow even give specific examples ...You don't want to explain this to the guy when you finally go on a date because they will then be expecting things.