Mother trying to get me to date someone.

Recently, a good lady friend I went to high school with (went to prom and WPA - Women Pay All as friends) reentered into my life. This is one of those girls who like one of the guys. She enjoys sports (we go to ballgames every once in a while) and plays them as well.

Now, she's cool, which is why I like hanging out with her but my mom has been bugging me to ask her out, that we'd make a cute couple, etc.

The thing is, I have no romantic interest in her. None. No chemistry but she's a really great friend, like one of my boys. Also, she's been back and forth with her boyfriend which her family doesn't like so my mother thinks that won't last. Plus, she has told me many times that she 'loves me like a brother' so to me, that's an obvious sign that she's not interested in me as well.

How can I tell my mother nicely that I have no interest in this gal? She refuses me to date other girls. I realize I'm in my mid-20s and should do whatever the hell I want but I love my family too much to ignore them.



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  • You could try telling her something like "Mom, I know you love me and want me to be happy and I love you for that. I know you want me to find a relationship that makes especially happy that will last. Me and (her name) just don't have the right chemistry to make that happen. We are more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend. If me and her tried to make a go of a relationship, it would fizzle out and then I would not have her as a friend. I know you feel if I just gave it a try that I would see we would be great, but I think you and I both know it won't because me and her don't have the right things to give each other in a romantic relationship. When the timing is right, I will have a girl that I fit with."


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  • I think that you just need to be direct with your mother and tell her as it is. If you have no chemistry or romantic interest in this girl and she reciprocates these same "feelings," you should let your mother know this. How can she be offended if there's no interest in either party? It's not your fault and it's not her fault (the girl). Just how it is. I don't know why your mom wouldn't understand this!

  • You should definitely be like, look mom, I have my eyes set on someone else. Works every time!

  • parents and love life = spicy food and fizzy soda. NEVER combine the 2 because you will just end up hurling/sick. trust me.


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  • never let your parents control your love life

  • Dont listen to your mom in romance. Times have changed and she is out of the loop with style. Moms may know there children well and you may be close but when it gos with romance, go with your heart.

  • Talk it out with her.

    Don't let her dictate the ship of your life wherein you're the captain.