Should I just ignore him, message him today, or message him tomorrow?

I made plans two weeks ago with my guy friend (who I like) to go out for his birthday. He seemed excited. We hung out last weekend, and when I left I asked if we were still on for next weekend (which is now tomorrow), and he said yes. Yesterday I texted him twice, the first time just saying hey and asking how he was. I got no answer. The second one was a couple hours later asking what time he wanted to get together on Saturday so we can have a solid plan. Well, it has now been 30 hours since I texted him the first time and he has been on Facebook A LOT since I texted him (and based on what Facebook shows me, it has been on his phone), but I've gotten no reply.

I want to text him (he isn't a calling person at all, so I know texting is the way to go) saying, "Hey, I haven't gotten a reply from you yet. If I don't hear from you fairly soon, I'm going to go ahead and make plans. Let me know!" Should I send that today, wait until tomorrow, or should I just flat out say nothing to him/ignore him? Because we are actually supposed to be pretty decent friends and he shouldn't be so rude, thus doesn't deserve a message.


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  • Ignore him. Let him work your "relationship" out.

    • I'm not sure what sort of connotation you're making by putting the word relationship in quotations. I mean, I don't understand what there could be for him to work out. It wasn't as though this was a situation with a lot of pressure on him because this was set up as just a super casual hang out for his birthday. Seems so odd...

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  • I think if he wanna go out wiz you he will text or call you so don't text again !

    • You make a point. Thanks.

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  • And he doesn't deserve you either so please ignore him. He's purposely ignoring you because he probably made other plans and having you there would inconvenience him. Texting him again will make you look desperate and men don't like that... Well no one really does.

    • That is the messed up thing, though! We're friends before anything else. I wouldn't care if he decided to make other plans that didn't include me. He knows I wouldn't get bent out of shape about it. It is the rudely ignoring my messages that is the problem. We were friends before anything else, so it doesn't make sense why he is playing these weird games. Thanks for the advice.