Turns out, I'm totally unromantic...any advice?

So, I've been on two dates with a guy I met...he's really nice, but I'm not really feeling a spark between us. But anyways we went on our second date today, which wasn't too bad, but he kept wanting to hold my hand (I've never been in a relationship before, and I rarely date) and because I was too awkward, I kept making excuses so he wouldn't touch my hands or put his arm around me...

I joked about kicking him in the shin with my spike studded boots, and when we ate I burped out loud and just laughed.

I already know that I'm not an affectionate person, and he says that it's ok...but I know that it won't always be OK, he's a guy, and I won't even let him hold my hand.

I'm not sure if it's because I don't feel anything towards him, or if I'm just that unromantic...


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  • Feels to me like you need to get comfortable. You need time to warm up to him and interaction to do so. The more he's around you, the easier that will be. But running from it or thinking it's a problem really isn't going to help, if anything it will only make you aware that it's happening. That CAN be a good thing, as long as you aren't your own worst critic. By being aware, you will start to understand why you feel the way you feel. Once you can understand that - you will know what to do. For example, above you stated it was "too awkward" which is a clue that you were uncomfortable. Hope that wasn't confusing?

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • You shouldn't have burped that's not hot AT ALL. That would probably turn me off to even the hottest girl. Honestly here is what you can do. Be spontaneous. Just make a move even though it's totally random. Maybe whisper something into his ear and then go for a kiss on his cheek or something. Something like that will give a guy goosebumps.

    • That's not something I would do, because I don't even think I like him...I'm not a touchy person

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    • Trust me...I really don't think I like him. It's not that holding hands is a bit awkward, I don't even want to touch him. He's tried to grab my hand even after a say no. I am sincerely thinking of telling him that I don't want a 3rd date. It's always easier to tell someone that they need break out of their comfort zone...but it's nearly impossible for a hardheaded girl like me...

    • lol. I know. Well I guess good luck on finding someone you do love. I know it can feel hopeless sometimes.

  • Do you actually like him?

    It sounds like you are breaking through new comfort zones. Take your time to find who you like, but also do something everyday that scares you. Live life.



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  • It's much easier to be affectionate and romantic with someone you actually like. It almost comes naturally, even. At least it is for me- and I'm not the romantic type, either. I don't like to be touched all that much, either.

    But it's different when what passes for my heart kicks over. I be holdin mofos hands and pettin 'em and sh*t- and I even LIKE it.

  • It's probably because you're not into him.

    If you liked the guy, you would've wanted him to touch your hand.