Does she actually like me? Is she playing hard-to-get?

There is a girl that I've started talking to and we seem to have hit if off. We don't see each other much in person because we met once at an event so most of our talking is done through text. She lives in a city about 45 min from where I live.

We have recently started talking, and we talk quite frequently about lots of random stuff. We have occasionally talked about more personal things like what we look for in a someone we want to date, etc, and how that it is "rare" to find someone that fits her type. She basically said that I was a type of guy that she would want to date. She also told me that she wants to hang out sometime and that's she currently wants to date someone.

Well about a week and a half ago I asked if she wanted to hangout and she goes yea sure. So I start to get a schedule an actual time to hangout and I can never get a for sure time.. She always says something like "well see :)" I asked her again a week later if she wanted to hangout and she basically had the same response. Said she wants to but we can't seem to work out an actual specific date.

At this point I don't really know what to think, is she playing hard-to-get, is she shy, or is she just politely saying that she doesn't want to hangout/go on a date. It's somewhat confusing because we still talk pretty frequently and she uses lots of "emoticons" as if she's trying to be flirty. I don't know whether I should just stop trying to hangout/ask her out or if I should try again sometime later on.

Any help is appreciated, and thanks everyone in advance!


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  • She's not interested in you. Look at it this way... If a girl asked you out and you were really interested in her, would you give her vague and wishy-washy answers? Of course not! The same logic applies to her; if she wanted to go on a date with you, she would help you by letting you know which days/times would work for her. When she says, "We'll see," that should be interpreted as, "Thanks but I'm not interested."


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  • I think she may be shy and nervous. Maybe she's wanted this but wasn't expecting it so soon? I remember doing this to a guy I was sincerely interested in, because I didn't have my driver liscense yet (and was already 21) and I was emberassed about that and trying to stall until I got it!


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  • She's not that into you.

    Keep your hopes down, move on and find a new girl for yourself.