How to know if he wants to kiss me?

so me and my amazing boyfriend have been together for three weeks lolol weird that I'm asking this but I'm in eighth grade and I really don't know how to tell. I've never kissed anyone before and we've been talking about it but we've never done it. he'll look at me before I go to call or get on the bus like he wants to but then he just hugs me and walks off, what are some looks on his face or body actions he might portray to make me see he wants to kiss? haha. yepp THANKS c:


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  • Okay well for starters he's your boyfriend so kissing is just kind of a part of it so considering he wanted to be your boyfriend ill say there is like a 110% chance he wants to kiss you! Watch a movie at one of your houses then lean over and kiss him or when he hugs you just keep holding on around his waste when he releases. Or maybe just ask him why he never kisses you

    • c: thanks for helping!


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  • Why don't you take the initiative and kiss him first? Trust me, as a guy, nothing is more sweet than a girl who leans over and kisses you because she feels like it!

    • well... I'm to hit chest... I'm shorter then him... lol that would be awkward

  • Just kiss him.


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