Am I boring him or what?

Question for the guys: When you text your girl…or even just a friend, is she usually the one doing all the talking? When my guy texts me, and he's usually the one to initiate all the convos, he just gives me one line responses, not in an annoyed way tho as if he wants me to leave him alone, its as if he expects me to do all the talking.

I'm not used to that, I'm usually the one to play aloof lol For the girls as well, do you experience the same thing but disregard it because you have tons more to say anyway?


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  • Usually guys aren't as verbose as women. Plus, for me...texting is a pain in the ass most of the time...I'd rather write on a real keyboard or talk in person.

    • Okay, hopefully that's the case with him. Thanks!


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  • did he change to that? probably no, so maybe he's just not good at writing texts? how is he in person?

    • No, he was somewhat always like that, except in the beginning there was more questions going back and forth (obviously because we were just getting to know each other then) In person, he's a bit different, more engaged in our conversations I'm just wondering if this is normal in a guy to allow the girl to keep the convo going (since we're known for talking a lot anyway lol)

    • yea I guess it is then, but why don't you just ask him str8 and get over with it, instead of wondering.,

    • You're right. I know I should. I just don't want to sign whiny lol.

  • You're boring him because you also send him one liners as well.

    • That's the problem I don't send him one liners, I'm the one struggling to keep the convo going...

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  • I always feel like I'm being a nuisance when he does that, even when he's being perfectly nice just not very talkative.

    • Exactly! I hate that lol