What am I doing wrong?

Ok well all my life guys have only wanted to hook up with me, I have never had a guy actually interested in dating me. I am not that type of girl though, I am saving myself for marriage, so time after time a guy (mind you it was only guys who went after anyone) would approach me and we would talk then they would pop the idea of having a fling, friend with benefits, or hook up and each time I told them no. I don't get why no guys want a relationship with me, I have never been on a date, I have never even been approached for a date, what am I doing wrong? Am I just too ugly to date so they think they might as well just hook up with me? Do guys only ask girls who are really ugly to be friends with benefits as opposed to dating? I just don't know what I am doing to attract these guys to ask me these things?


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  • Nowadays, guys are less likely to want relationships. See, a couple of generations ago men considered a relationship with a woman only with the most serious intentions (marriage). Truth is, Men sacrificed their freedom in exchange of female intimacy (sex). In those times girls didn't give sex away as easy as today, so Men had no other option than to marry a woman, and build a family together (the natural consequence of a relationship). Today, the price Men used to pay for sex (commitment) is mere peanuts. Women are so sl*tty that the odds to find a girl who won't put out in the first date are microscopically small. and things are only going to get worse in the future. I'm serious.

    Economics. If you put your intimacy a high price (commitment, exclusivity), very little men would agree to buy. You will attract any sort of customers, some willing to pay your price, some who don't. This is unavoidable and is part of the economics of life. Sounds simple, but all you have to do is identify those men who are willing to wait for sex.

    • We aren't all worthless slut bags, there is still hope. I'd say the quality of men has also dramatically decreased . . . :(

    • Indeed. Thanks to the feminisation of the Western World, the average male is less man than his father or grandfather. Who are the ones who suffer the most because of the decline of quality men? Men and women, but the ladies obviously carry the worse part.

    • Thank you for actually answering the question instead of being a jerk.


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  • I would hardly classify someone who randomly hooks up as "saving herself". Hell, that kind of not even accepting how you are bs is probably what you're doing wrong.

    • first off it's not random, one guy, second off I never had sex with him...

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    • You see, the thing is, it does make you a type of girl. You've had sex, despite it being oral, so it makes you the type of girl who's had sex. Saying "you're not that type of girl because you're saving yourself for marriage" makes you sound like a buffoon. You've done nothing wrong as far as actions go but you're classifying yourself wrong.

    • And to further add to my initial point: I'd go out with a girl who's had oral and a facial; I'd go out with a girl who's a virgin; I wouldn't go out with a girl who's pretends she's someone that she's not. As far as my opinion goes, THAT is what you're doing wrong. And to be somewhat helpful, most guys wouldn't want a relationship with a girl who's saving herself for marriage, so you claiming that may well play a part too.

  • Because you allow them to hook up with you, why would they want a relationship when they get you right away? You're past questions have been about your FWB and guys that c*m on your face...don't play the victim.

    • I made one mistake with one guy... I was just wondering why all guys seem to want that from me, even before I made that mistake guys asked for that,

    • Because a lot of guys are horny douche bags? Lol...try being patient and don't let those guys get their way with you. You'll find the right person, plenty people just want sex, but plenty want an actual relationship too.

    • I guess yeah, I just feel like I'm doing something wrong, thanks for answering :)

  • You're saving yourself for marriage yet you have guys cumming on your face. That makes no sense at all.

    • Did you actually read what she wrote? She HASN'T done anything with these guys . . .

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    • then how are you a friends with benefits? I can see what you are doing wrong now..u are not respecting your boundaries,saving yourself for marriage? you are a confused little girl

    • It was one guy... and we didn't have sex...I also am actually loyal I have stayed with him and I don't flirt with any guys, it was just one guy, I wasn't trolling I just wondered why guys before him would have asked me these things, I don't actually have sex with anyone I'm a virgin but k make fun of me all you want.

  • You're not doing anything wrong. You're just not meeting the right type of guys.


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