We are dating agian and we just started last week and she won't even talk to me during the day

I am at a loss me and my girlfriend have dated and broke up a couple times because of me being scared and I didn't know what I wanted at the time. we were still friends after the break up and I went to counseling and tried to figure out what I really wanted and what I did wrong and am still doing wrong. anyways I think I could spend my life with this woman and am ready to dump every oz of energy and heart into this relationship. she asked for us to take it slow and we have been but she wants me to come over everynight and then during the day she will hardly even talk to me like I try small talk she ignores my questions and then will ask something she wants to know like if I want to come over tonight and acts like nothing is wrong at all I brought it up she just said well she didn't know what I was talking about... am I just being strung along because she wants someone around ? any input would be greatly appreciated! thank you


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  • does she work in the daytime? she seems to be the one controlling this relationship,take a stand..dont let her control things,relationship are about balance

    • she works during the day just like I do, but that never stopped her from talking during the day before.. she is controlling I know that, I know I have to make a stand just feels like I am the only one contributing

    • when it seems one sided its usually because it is,u have to act like her and see how she changes her attitude,give her a taste of her own medicine,she needs a reality check,show her she doesn't run things by taking back control...meaning..dont text her

      and when she texts u,dont answer her like usual,u are too predictable

    • thank you ! I think your right, think I figured out why she has been acting differently though, everythings gotta be on her terms I brought it up and she said I was being over sensitive... and said she didn't know if (this) was working so I decided to drop the whole issue, her roommate told me she has been using a lot of drugs for the last three days... I think the drugs might have a lot to do with her actions and being scared of getting hurt again.. thanks so much again!

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  • She's probably just busy during the day. I don't think you should worry.


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  • Either she has a poor memory or being shy.

  • You don't have to worry about it. She's just busy during the day, and she even gives you the night so that should be fine.