Have you ever dated a girl with anxiety attacks?

have you ever dated a girl who have anxiety attacks that lack patience or when something bad is told to her she panics bad but even though she had anxiety attacks you understood it


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  • One girl I dated had some minor problems like that, but nothing serious though. She had a drug to take for everything. And sometimes she'd use any excuse like that to take more drugs. That's where the addictions took over her and she betrayed me.

    But I know a guy who's dating a girl who has extreme anxiety attacks. She will break down and cry if you call her stupid. She will tense up and start freaking out if people are arguing in her presence. She even started cutting herself after she got in a big argument over leasing agreements. She refuses to go to therapy and this poor bastard still loves her.


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  • I have terrible anxiety attacks. Are you asking because your boyfriend doesn't get it/believe in it or because you need information about them?

    • i have anxiety attacks and most of the time he know I have them I text his phone like 4 times after he don't respond becuase I panick after 10 minutes but I'm trying to control it but I'm in tearz because I don't know how