She likes me...she likes me not..?

Hello friends... There is this girl in office, she is the shy types.. I really like her. So I started showing interest in her, she seemed interested too.. She would hold glances and all. So I thought it was time to talk 2 her. She I texted her and she did not reply. I thought may be I should have spoken to her before texting.. So next day we were on the elevator together, so I said excuse me can I talk to you for a minute... She totally freaked out almost bumped against the wall.. That took me by surprise... I said I was sorry about the message... She said she did not get any

I went to her desk that evening... She seemed busy and still freaked so I walked away... Since then I have sent her a number of texts... Saying I wanted us to be friends... And some things... I compliment her at times.. Congratulate her on her success and stuff... She never replies... I even asked her if she doesn't like me texting her she can ask me to stop and I will. I dot understand what her silence means... At times I get disappointed.. Think of giving up, and Because all it causes is disappointment.. But then when I stop giving her attention... She always acts differently.. Initiates the eye game on her own... She always cheks out if m looking at her... Once she gets my attention shez back to her self... But she never ignores me... Always checks out if m looking or not... Does she only want my attention... Is it any good... Or just a waste of time...


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  • I had a guy do this to me and he still does when he gets the chance when I shop in the store he works in. I found out he was going out with some kid in another country (how unclassy). Sounds like she's playing silly mind games!

    • it seems like she is or scared to say anything or she doesn't like you, she is acting weird tho... sorry for a not helpful answer hehe


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  • I don't think she's interested, sorry. she sounds like the type of girl who when a guy used to chase her stops doing so then she s bothered she isn't getting the attention anymore, but that's only to boost her ego, it doesn't mean she's into him, she's playing games I think. Also girls NEVER like a guy to text them that much, contacting a girl that much without her replying will put any girl off even if she does like you...sorry

    • Hey.. Thnx for the honest response... I did some digging... Turns out she has a bf... Don't you think she could have just said that to me. What's the point of playing these games...?

    • Usually the reason why she wouldn't tell you is because she enjoys the attention, it gives her a big ego boost, but there could be numerous reasons why she didn't just tell you she had a boyfriend. I myself got told by a guy I liked that I was playing games when I didn't even realize it, but me myself personally if I had a boyfriend and a guy acted the way you did with her, I would have definitely just told him that I had a boyfriend. she sounds like she maybe a little insecure so she gets off on 'teasing' guys.

  • She is acting very strange.

    But yes, she is a waste of time.

    You need a woman who can be straight up about how she feels.

  • I'm shy myself. I don't back up against walls, but I do turn my head or get quiet. She is going to have to be comfortable with you. Sit with her at lunch or something. If anybody texts me I text back. If I am moody on a day I might not want to talk to a guy so I ignore them. I mean no harm. You have to catch her at a good time. I like it when the guy I like stands close to me or touch my arm. says nice things to me and smile at me.


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