When should I text her?

So this girl I didn't know gave me her number last night and I didn't even ask for.. I assume she's interested in me and I'm interested in her also. So when should I text/call? The day after? Some days after? Or only when I'll think about going out and ask her where she's going? I don't want anything serious neither her I think.. Just for fun hehe


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  • Give her a ring or text (really doesn't matter) tomorrow. I met a guy in a club/bar who asked for my number, I gave it. It's nearly 72 hours later and he still hasn't got hold of me. The longer he waits the more it puts me off him a little. Would prefer I'm so much more if he contacted me the next day, or even after I left him. There's no need to play games, just get hold of her.


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  • Text her today just to say hey.

  • just call her wenever you feel like it

    im pretty sure she won't care

    she gave you her number for a reason

    i like it when guys call me at night though so maybe she does to


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