Is it unusual that an ex would remember the exact date of your first time together?

Hi - recently, a guy I dated a long time ago surprised me by bringing up the exact date of the first time we had sex. I was shocked, I couldn't have pulled that date from my memory and I'm a girl:) He knew the month, day, and year (from 6 years ago). I went back and double checked becasue we had taken a trip, and he was right. Is it pretty unusual for a guy to remember that kind of detail? It made me feel a little bad because he remembered and I didn't, although I cared about him very much. I wasn't sure how to respond.


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  • Good for him, he remembered. May be it was a date that stuck in his mind for some reason. May be he put a conscious effort to remember it. Is it a big deal you forget? Naw, it's just a nice memory. I remember the date I met my last girlfriend….For some other reason, I also remember the date I bought my guitar. I still have my guitar.


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  • that is a little strange, it must have really meant something to him

    • I figured it either meant something to him or maybe it was like a "notch in his belt" and he's just good with dates:) He was also able to recall my birthday after all this time too, and we were only together for a few months. I just know guys typically aren't that great with details and dates, turns out I'm the one who was bad at it ha ha