How do I bring up the cheating subject?

Ok so, two years ago I started dating an awesome guy, he was my first kiss, and treated me better than anyone could imagine. But because I am not one of those who open up easily, we broke up after two months. Two weeks later he started dating my best friend and it hurt but I kept my mouth shut the whole time they dated. They dated for two years and he broke up with her two months ago because he said he still had feelings for me. So we started dating but I live kinda far from him, so I don't get to see him a lot. But his Ex hangs out at his house everyday after school. I really think that he is cheating on me with her but I don't know for sure and I don't know how to bring up the subject without looking like I don't trust him..Any ideas?


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  • when you say "his ex" you mean your best friend/former best friend?

    Uh I'd stay the hell away from this guy if that's the case. Two months of dating, goes to your best friend, dates for two years and breaks up, and "misses you", a girl he only dated two months? doesn't make sense to me sweetheart, I'd stay the hell away

    • Me and her are still good friends just not what we used to be. I just really like him and I find it hard to believe that a goodie goodie like him would ever cheat. He won't even have sex with me.

    • don't you think that the relationship may have something to do with it? Like, you wouldn't want to see them together, she wouldn't want you to see them together, etc?


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  • If you have have feeling of betrayal then it could be the case, and if you feel like he could be cheating then you don't trust him. Be up front about it.

  • You should just bring it up when you're together.

    Something like "I'm really worried that your ex is always visiting you everyday after school." And wait for his response.


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  • He is trouble. Not a goody good guy that tells you that. He is cheating on you. With his ex of two years, wow! how do you two girls give him such control? he'll do the same thing and hurt other women too in the future, because you two are such stupid girls.