Do you think he likes me?

Me and this guy have been talking for a little bit. Yesterday he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies. I said yes and we went tonight. I felt perfectly good that day. I thought of it as two friends hanging out. But the people kept telling me that it was a date. I got a little nervous. I really like him, but I didn't think of this as a date at first. I met him at the movies and we each bought our own ticket. He bought me some popcorn and a drink too. Then we sat down and waited for the movie. When we got into the theater, one of his friends tried to sit by us, but my date was like "Um wouldn't you rather sit down there?" So that guy didn't sit by us. About half way through the movie he started scooting closer to me, and there was already no armrest between us. I kept wondering if he was going to make a move, but he didn't. I started to put on some Chapstick and he was like "Wow that smells really good. What flavor is it?" I thought for sure he was about to make a move, but he never did. Was his question about my chaptick him trying to say he wanted to kiss me? He still sat close to me though. After the movie we went to the arcade and then left.

Was this a date?

Do you think he likes me?

If he does like me, why didn't he make a move?

Is there something I should of done to let him know I wanted him to make a move?


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  • He really likes you. It must be that he's just shy.


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  • Reason he didn't make a move =

    1. He was too nervous.

    2. Your body language wasn't open to him making a move.

    3. You being nervous made him nervous lol.

    One thing's for sure, he's interested. Go ahead and make it clear through your behavior that you're interested too!

  • yes I think he loves..


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