Is it all in a kiss??

ok so my best guy friend and I kissd for the time...and we kissed like 6 times...deeply and passionately...there was even a little tongue...and his eyes were closed the whole time (yes I took a peek)...n he held me really close...we know each other for 3 years now..n we kissed cos he expressed it to me a month ago...and now he isn't talking the same way...sort of is it all in his kiss...n is it normal to not talk too much after a kiss ?


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  • well a kiss can make you feel much more connected to the guy, it's happened to me. but it depends on if he is looking for a relationship or if he just wants play. unfortunately some guys are very good at making us feel all passionate so they can try to have sex with us.


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  • It's not all in the kiss. It's just an intimate actions.

    Also, not talking much after a kiss isn't common.


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  • I don't really understand the question.. but I think he felt a bit vulnerable or insecure about your feelings after that. You might want to make up your mind about what you expect out of the friendship/relationship.

    • oh sorry...i meant does the way he kissed mean anything at all

    • Well, you'll find out whether or not you're attracted to him, yes. I don't think you'd be able to find out what he really feels though, because he might just want something less serious. I'd just hang around him, don't expect too much, don't push or prodd but see where it ends. Make it clear what you want, but don't get all serious about it. If he wants to make you happy, he'll do what he can. Don't stress out if it doesn't go exactly as you want.