What do you think about dating rich boys?

Just wondering what do girls think about boys that attended private school? Not any private school but the expensive ones in Britain like Eton or harrow? Are you more likely or less likely to date them and why?


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  • I say get out the shovel hell yes! Women get paid considerably less for the same f***ing work and yet we are still called f***ing gold diggers we are expected to work all f***ing day at the office then come home and work all f***ing night at home till we go to bed and marry a f*** tard who makes the same or less than us and sits on his fat ass? I don't think so I'll give a shovel to the face of the next person who mentions gold digging. It's not it's f***ing logic.


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  • if I dated a rich guy I think I'd be more compatible with new money instead of old money.they probably want a girl from the same background, right? Plus I prefer my dudes rougher around the edges

    • They don't necessarily want a girl from the same background.

  • Didn't prince william go to eton?


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