What are questions / tests I can do to see if a girl is interested?

I met a girl online. We texted for a week, met in person, talked for 4 and a half hours by the water, and our date ended.

The week after, we continued to text, spent 2 and a half hours on the phone, arranged a second date, she then canceled because of an emergency issue with her friend. She called me because she felt bad. We continued to text. She offered me to come along on a trip with her and her friends (I had prior plans). We now have our second date rescheduled. She's called me things like sweetheart, continues to text me, send me a random picture of herself (nonsexual) and asked for one back, etc.

My question is, how can I figure out if she's truly interested?


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  • She is definitely interested. I will explain why, your first date lasted 4 hours and she probable did most of the talking right? So one she could stand you for 4 hours of talking. The next week you spent 2 and a half hours talking on the phone, so second she likes to talk to you and text you. And then she felt really bad because of the cancellation of your second date, so third she apologized to you, did she have to do that? No, but it was nice and its does not want to hurt your feelings. (This next one is the big one buddy, when a woman offers to spend time with you and her friends she is comfortable with you, and really interested)Then, BEFORE your rescheduled second date, she offers you to spend time with her and her friends on a trip, so fourth she is comfortable spending a long time with you and she likes you enough and comfortable with you to spend time with her friends. And then she shows you her emotions by calling you "cute" names, and then finally she sends you a pic, why you ask, so when you look at your phone you will see her, and the same for her if you send her one. Dude go date her I gave you 5 different things that shows that she is truly interested.


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  • Just don't stress about it. Let the feelings and everything come naturally. Don't come out and ask her if she likes you, you just might scare her away. By the sounds of it she does like you. If she didn't like you she would ask you to leave her alone and to delete her number.

    Stop stressing boy


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  • Dude relax, she's interested.

  • She's really interested in you.

    Stop over thinking things and just go with her plan.