Haven't felt the butterflies after two dates...will that change?

so...i met this really great guy and we have been on two dates...and I like him and all but I haven't felt the butterflies yet. is it possible that this will still happen? or should I just let it go because butterflies need to be felt right away? have you guys had any similiar experiences?


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  • It's not about the butterflies. It's about the connection and intimacy you both share.


What Girls Said 1

  • i think the "feeling of butterflies" is so cliche. are there actual butterflies in our stomachs that flutter when we like someone? if that's the case then I think mine died lol I say go for it! if you like him and you have chemistry then why end it because you didn't get a magical feeling. I think us as girls are too picky and we are looking for this disney princess version of a relationship when something great comes along we are too busy looking for the signs that we pass up a great person. give him a chance and if your butterflies don't kick in then don't worry yours probably died too :P