Is he still interested?

I recently went on a date and following the date the guy text me the same day. However, I told him I was going to sleep early after only chatting for a few minutes. This was four days ago and I have not heard from him :/ is this a sign he lost interest?

Here is some more information on the date: Basically this was an ex who showed up out of nowhere and asked for a date. I agreed and we went to dinner (he dressed up in new clothes and brought a flower) and the date was great. However, I found out he was deploying soon and was only in town for a little bit. It was then that he tried to take things "further"

We had dated before, however, with distance and all he just disappeared. I never heard from him until now.


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  • It seems that he found a new girl or he's just busy.


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  • ok well he is into you he bought flowers that alone said a lot ... if he was not trying to get on your good side he would not have bought you flowers... its all about what you want and if you want to take things futher with him .. he just don't want to seem pushey with you .. if your into him you should message him don't be afraid to message him first ... just a simple hey how you been... is good enuff

  • he is probably just shy and also think you are not interested... men are weird but if he is the shy type chances are he may think that he does not have a shot with you by the way .. you did not give details about the date was it good? weird alkward ... did it end with a hug?

  • If he started texting you right away then he definitely seems interested! Reading this though...don't you see that it could most probably be the other way around? Seeing as how you're the one that ended the conversation early after the date, he would think you're not interested right?

    • Yes, I agree :/ Oops. The only problem is I don't want to bother him. He is only in town for a few days to see family and he was an ex who came back. I'm not sure whether or not I should contact or wait. :(

    • I would say to contact him (preferably via text) if he doesn't respond, then don't expect anything and don't keep trying to get into contact with him. Because then it could be like the ex getting back in town for a bit, so he's interested in going on a date with his ex then going back to wherever he's from like nothing happened. If you don't contact him you may regret it, but you would certainly regret it if you try and get in contact with him too much..