I am not sure if he truly likes me

I met him on my birthday when I went to buy my first lottery ticket. I went in bought one we talked for a little bit and then we parted. After a few more visits to where he worked he gave me his fb info and email information (although I just asked for fb name). We have been talking a while and a few months ago he brought up the idea of dating but then he quickly struck it down saying he is so focus on college and work (which I understand). I don't know if he truly likes me because if he did he wouldn't mind not being able to spend that much time together right? I mean I don't really mind it because I understand that he has to work. He recently brought up dating again but only after he finishes his second semester.. I don't know exactly what I should do but I know I like him. Any thoughts?


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  • He really does like you, though he's just busy.


What Girls Said 1

  • In my experience, guys can be too busy for dating and stuff, but if he really likes you enough, he will make the time. I think he really does like you, but I'm not sure he likes you enough or he wants a relationship bad enough. Seriously though, I'm assuming you are under 20 because of the lotto ticket part, and my advice is if you like him, keep him around and don't write him off. It's not like he has you on exclusivity (because you never even dated and it's not fair of him to request that), so date other guys. Don't focus so much energy on one person, especially a guy that seems so busy. When he's free or thinking of you, he will ask you out. If not, you won't have had spent months waiting for the first date!