I can't tell if he's suddenly become uninterested or got jealous

I met a guy and went out with him 3 times and it was going really well. He left the country for 4 weeks but continually texted me every 3 or 4 days. One day I got flowers from and assumed they were from him, but they were not. He said its good to know that other people are sending you flowers. Since then his texts are shorter and more and more sarcastic. He's still on vacation so maybe he's busy but I don't know if I screwed up enough to make him not want to talk to me when he's home. Anyways, would appreciate any advice! Thanks

Also I forgot to mention he's still in Europe so I don't know if he's busy or just not talking to me. I also was so nervous that he was mad at me that I told him I figured it was him because I haven't been dating anyone else. Maybe this spooked him as well.


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  • I think you should be straight forward. I know, it might seem scary, a straight forward question should receive a straight forward reply. If you receive a confusing response, you should end the conversation, or switch topics, you should continue the discussion until you are fully aware of how he is feeling. Sometimes guys can be jealous, and some excessively express their jealous (just like in this case) and others are just good at hiding it. But I think it would be best to wait after his vacation, to talk face to face, so that you can read his facial expressions and such. Also if he comes back from vaca acting like everything was all good and dandy again, I think it would still be necessary to address it, so that you prevent any situations that would make him uncomfortable in the future. But so that you guys don't start and argument, be playful, an maybe start your sentence off with a disclaimer, like "You know I like you a lot right?... But when you were in Europe you through me off for a loop and I felt confused about this situation... can I ask you if I did anything to make you feel uncomfortable?" Blah blah blah... I honestly don't feel like you did anything wrong, but I don't see how this could go wrong unless he easily gets mad.


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  • He's definitely jealous.

    • thank you for your answer. is there anything I can do to make him not jealous?

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  • It does seem that he's a little jealous. Do you mind telling where the flowers came from? Maybe you should try explaining to him where the flowers came from and try talking to him maybe?

    • Thank you for responding! They came from a friend, I told him that it was probably my dad because I haven't been dating anyone else so... hopefully that makes you feel better. to this he responded "haha it doesn't matter, I am not offended." I'm not sure what to do