My boyfriend wanted to look at my messages?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and half and up until recently he has always been very trusting of me. Lately he has been feeling sort of down about himself and insecure and I have been doing extra things to encourage him. Yesterday I went to a pool party at my girl friends house and when I came home and told him about it (he had to work all day) he got very angry and asked me if there were guys there. I told him there were a few and he started freaking out. He demanded to look at my text messages and to examine my phone. I told him he had no reason to and he started getting very mad. After that I just showed him all my messages and he realized that nothing was on there. After this, I just feel really violated. I gave him no reason to be insecure and I feel like he really doesn't trust me. I really don't know what to think about all of this. Thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks!


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  • I don't know you, but statistically speaking, he's be correct not to trust you since the majority of women cheat.

    Have you befriended any new guys? Was there an ex at the pool party? Anyone else of any significance at the pool party? Is what he's going through make him feel inferior to other guys?


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  • It must be that he has trust issues.


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  • I think that the best thing to do might be to talk to him about what happened. It's true that you did nothing wrong and he had no right to be angry with you. But it also sounds like he is going through a rough time. Is there a reason why? Is it something you could help him deal with so that it doesn't continue to be a problem for either of you? Sometimes you can trust someone but still be paranoid, especially if you are feeling insecure about yourself. This is about him, not about you. If you care about him and want things to work out, talk to him, and remind him that he can trust you and that he shouldn't be freaking out at you.