Does she want me? ignored text message

You may think I'm over thinking this or acting desperate, but there's just something special about this girl. Her smile grabs me, and I just like everything about her.

anyways we were texting each other, and she was like "I'm fat" so I of course said hell no you aren't. Then she sent me a pretty sexy picture of her body with the caption "fat" and I replied "that's fine-ness I want it" then she says "you do?" and I said 'yeeee' lol but never got a reply. What does this mean? confused


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  • She might think your just after sex... or she's busy. If your that worried just ask her if you offended her or something.

    • im not though. I kind of put on the "oh I don't NEED you in my life" kind of act but in reality id do a lot of things to be able to get this girl.

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    • Show her through your actions... just be you... the real you. Don't make everything sexual, by this I mean making comments that can be taken that way or jokes lol. I have some male friends who turn everything into a sexual comment or joke and can't understand why girls think their horn dogs.


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  • Shes waiting for you to talk to her again.


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  • Yes, she really does like you. It means that she likes you enough to show off her sexy body.