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Ok so long story short broke up with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago he ended it. We had a few bad words exchanged but few days later we wished each other well. I can't stop thinking about him being with other girls it makes me feel so sick. He has a lot of female friends and boasted to me a few days back that he's getring a lot of attention from good looking girls. I don't want to know that. I decided to get rid of all his stuff deleted his num blocked him on fb etc. Decided no contact. I started a new job and he texted saying best of luck tonight in the new job. Nice you might say but we both agreed to no contact so why bother wish me well. he's stuck in my head and I'm trying to get past this. We ended becos he felt he would loose me to some1 else and that he wasn't really happy anyway. He done it over text when I was on a night out. Let me add that during the relationship he would bang on about how he was insecure but at the same time always talked of other girls and how he's always being chatted up? Help I wana feel OK again...


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  • You should just find a new guy. It seems like he's just making you jealous throughout your relationship.


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  • You're doing the right thing by keeping the NC. He's trying to get to you to screw with your head. Don't let him. Block his # if you have to so you don't get the texts.

    You have a new job. Focus on that, meet some friends there...find something to occupy your idle time.

  • I bet there is a better guy just living in your neighborhood...


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