Do you think this is kind of clingy?

I went out with this guy, and I really do like him. He's just finishing school for a good career, he super nice, and he's really cute. While we were on the date he talked a little about his last relationship, and he said that they didn't work out because she was a few older and wanted a really serious relationship, and he just wasn't ready for that. So, since the date he kind of been blowing up my spot a lot. Like, our date was on Friday and he wanted to hang out on Saturday & Sunday. He texts all the time, like yesterday he texted me from like 9 a.m. and continued until like 5. Do you think this is kind of clingy or does he just like me?


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  • It seems that he just like you.


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  • He said to you that his last relationship didn't work out because it got too serious too fast, if anything that would be what a clingy person would want.

    All he's doing is making sure you get the message that he likes you.

  • He's jobless and is bored...he wants your attention and hasn't found a hobby. You could be a bitch and tell him, go do something...or you could just keep on keepin' on and let him drive himself to insanity


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