Girls and terms of endearment

We are starting to talk again after two arguments in which we didn't talk for months. We never dated or aren't dating but she asked to "pretend date"... never happened. Recently when we talk via text she uses the phrases "night darling" and "thanks babe." Is this a sign she likes more or what is it.

I know in some cultures girls say this all the time but I don't think this is the case since I'm the only guy she uses these terms on, that I am aware of.

She also wants me to take her to her wisdom teeth surgery, and I can't understand why me when she has others that could take her? Of course I want to take her I like her but I want to find out why me.

I know she calls other females these names but I think that is normal for most chicks


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  • You like her, but her intents are unknown. I have friends who use darling, babe, dear, honey, etc with many people. I wouldn't use that as the basis of her feelings, nor her asking you for a favor. Try asking her on a REAL date and see what she says. Try to give her a kiss. That way you don't waste a lot of time on a girl who just sees you as a nice friend.

    • no there are other clues to show an interest. I was just seeing if these two were positives or didn't matter

    • I'd say neutral, but if there are other signs, it sounds like she may like you! Ask her out! :)

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  • A couple arguments Don't mean anything but you said months with out talking.. a girl usually won't go months without talking to a boy she likes. And wtf is "pretend dating"? Its not real whatever it is. She's playing games.

  • Seems like she must have a crush on you. Do you like her? Try making a move on her. Hang out get comfortable

  • What were the arguments about?

    • the first one was because she kept on telling me that she missed me and wanted to hangout but every time I did she was hanging out with her other friends. the other one is that she called me up when her father was in the hospital and I was at work and didn't pick up the phone she got all mad at me so I told her all she ever did was whine to me about everything(her father in the hospital didn't count but other little things) and I'm not here to be an emotional tampoon

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    • Im lost so if she has an attitude towards me then move on? or move on if she is too comfortable/

    • You should be able to tell if someone isn't the person they use to be. Careless of what you say and such. Not texting back as fast as usual.

      This girl could be all in love with you and that's why she's saying new things. I'm just saying beware that she could just be keeping you around just to keep you around.

  • She sees you as a good friend.

    • why do you say that?

    • Because she asked you to take her to her wisdom teeth surgery.

    • it was more an open ended offer since I told her I would visit when she is down. She would always count on me when she was really upset not about other guys.

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  • Wanting to spend time with each other is the basis of dating, or 'pretend dating'. If she wants you around, that's good news for you (if your into her).