How did you start dating your girlfriend/boyfriend?

I'm just curious because I never had a serious relationship before, so I wanted to know how people meet/started dating their girlfriend/boyfriend. I just keep seeing advices online and they all just seem kind of stupid for me and movies also don't help, so I just wanted to know how, like did people start as just friends or they meet and started dating? Or how long after they met they started going out? If you like someone and is not just a physical thing, how long is it normal to wait before asking that someone out?

I know that these are a lot of questions, but I'm really clueless about the whole dating thing and I would love if someone could help me. :)


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  • I met my boyfriend online. So when we started seeing each other, it was mainly just texting and messaging each other. We eventually planned a time and place to meet up. From there it just flowed, we had a good connection. What was going to be an hour long coffee and talk, turned into a night out. We went to a restaurant for supper, and we walked around the city and talked. It was good, but I had to leave because it was getting late.

    I went home, and talked to him on the computer. We stayed up very late :P

    Then the next day I came over to his house. We hung out, and watched tv.

    We just kept seeing each other. Now I go to his house pretty much every weekend and stay over. He gets sad when I have to leave and he wants me to stay :) It's really sweet.

    But I guess you could say we started as friends. We just really tried to talk to each other as much as possible to get to know each other. I think that's probably the most important. You want to get to know the person to make sure they are okay to date.


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  • I met my girlfriend through eharmony.

    i'd had a lot of relationships in the past but felt like especially at my age it was hard to meet viable partners in bars, clubs, parties, etc. So I gave online dating a shot. I went through a bunch of weird, semi-psychos but eventually met my current gf

  • I met her from my university. I approached and talked to her. Then I asked her out then it went from there.


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  • Me and my boyfriend were acquaintances. The relationship thing happened so gradually that I don't even know when we started dating. He expressed his interest a couple a months after knowing me and I turned him down because I wasn't ready. Soon, we simply started innocently eating lunch together, then walking from work together, then hanging out outside of work hours trying new food or whatever. It's all so natural. We're good buddies as well as gf/bf.