Has anyone else ever experianced that gay people have great insite into dating?

The lesbians that I have known have been the best places to get advise about women. Since they also date women, they need to be honest with themselves about what women want, but they are women so they understand how women think better than men.

I know some of the best advise I have ever gotten about women, were from lesbians, whereas the worst advise has been from straight women. Has anyone else had a similar experience with getting advice from gay people?


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  • My best friend (gay man) is who I always go to first for advice on men. He really is the best. But he also comments on how lucky he feels to be a gay man, because he says it seems too phony to be straight. He thinks straight people play more games than gay people. From what I can tell, he's right, haha! Sometimes I wish I was a gay man, he's dated some amazing guys, WITHOUT games and nonsense. Must be nice, men always play ridiculous games with me.

    • I wonder if a lot of the games you are talking about, stem from men and women not understanding each other. Thanks for the answer.

    • Probably. And it stems fromwhat society tells them they should be doing. Gay people (the ones I know) are much freer and less worried about conforming to dating "standards". Comes with their territory, I'm sure.


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  • I love my gay friends. They are make best buddies and offer the great insight to male personality


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  • Agreed! Lesbians are awesome and amazing, sensual, and passionate lovers. In many MANY ways. ;D Not that I would know...but from I've been told! They're pretty good with the touching, caressing, and kissing. Guys can definitely learn a thing or two in terms of foreplay by lesbians. I know I have!

  • They really do have great ideas.