What does he expect me to do..

So there's this guy at school that I've always found cute since freshman year and I had talked to him a few times but that was it. & this year (junior yr), we started talking because his friend is in my class and I became friends with him and the 3 of us hung out after awhile. And since then, the guy and I had started texting each other and he eventually told me he liked me and I told him I liked him too, all that cheesy stuff. This was like in December. Well anyways, we were talking-talking for awhile and we'd hang out sometimes during class, like we'd ask to go to the bathroom and we'd meet up and just walk around. He acted kinda strange, like I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend because he was kind of always clueless about things. We only hung out once out of school and it was only because I kinda sneaked out. But yeah things were pretty good, things were going slow. So about a month ago we were talking about how we'd never be able to hang out since I moved like 30 min away from where I used to live (but I still go to the same school) and he was like "we have to try harder" and by "we" he meant me because I was the one that had to like beg my parents to let me hang out so I was kinda like w t f. Then a few days passed and we didn't talk about hanging out anymore. And I thought about letting the whole thing fade because nothing was really going to happen since I'm moving pretty far over the summer. So I just stopped texting him and he thought I was mad because we would text ALL the time, literally. I told him nothing was wrong I was just having a bad day. Then days later, I was talking about going to the beach and I guess he thought I was inviting him.. but I wasn't and he got mad. He stopped reply.. so I texted him again to show that I "care" and he replied for a bit but then stopped again so I didn't bother to text him again. Like I do care or I did.. but I wasn't going to hunt him down at school and interrogate him, he can be straight forward just like how I am with him. This happened like 3 weeks ago & I guess that was the end. I was in the hall & he was walking by talking to his friend, I guess he tells her everything about us because that one time he thought I was mad, she saw me look at him and then turn away and she was like "oh she looked right at you and didn't say anything" & she said it right in front of my face. But anyways so the chick was like "so you guys aren't talking anymore" & then she looks at me, like dude stop. But yeah I didn't hear what he said. So anyways, it's all done with or what dawg. Am I supposed to care..?


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  • Follow your heart.

  • It seems that he's attracted to you and he thinks that it's the same for you. Though, you should just stick on what you feel is right and comfortable with you.


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