Guys: First Date, She wants to know where she stands..

I'm thinking I will I say something like "We'll have to see :)" Or to that nature?

What are you opinions o:

A: telling her "Yes", or

B: just not text back for some time?


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  • If you tell her you'll have to see, you will drive her crazy, and not in a good way :). She will either 1) try harder to get it out of you by asking you repeatedly 2) move on because she doesn't want to play that way or 3) go with the flow and let you set the pace BUT may not make herself so available to you. Any of those are possible. A guy not telling a girl where she stands is one of the things girls complain the most about with guys. Sad, but true.

    Not texting her back- she will just think you are busy, she scared you off, or that you don't like her. If you want any of those affects, then sure you can do that.

    What I would suggest is to tell her you like her, but don't tell her the full extent of how much you really do like her. Some mystery will keep her on her toes. So I think option A is the best. What's even better, is to set up another date with her. You'll let your actions speak for you.

    Did she specifically ask you to tell her where she stands? If she did, then she probably had a guy jerk her around by not being up front with her. She definitely won't want to do that again because she more than likely wasted a lot of time.

    If you were in her position, what would you want a girl to do for you? Tell you or keep you guessing?


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  • I don't understand your question

  • if you tease her too much she will get mad. it's rude. guys get mad when girls play games too...don't do that. if you don't like her don't lead her on. if you do like her, tell her that.


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  • You should definitely be upfront about your answers. Let her know so that she's not confused.