He didn't text me back...is he no longer interested?

So I've gone on 5 dates with this wonderful guy. The first 4 dates were initiated by him...the 5th date was initiated by me. I have noticed that he has grown more affectionate towards me with each date and also taking things VERY slowly - Our dates are all fabulous and full of conversation. On our last date he talked about places we can go on future dates. Texting seems to be 50:50 and he pays for our dates (but I always offer!). I initiated the 6th date by asking if he is free tomorrow and he told me he MIGHT be going away for the weekend and that he will text me to let me know...he still hasen't texted me and the day is almost over. If he dosen't text to let me know should I just assume that he is no longer interested in seeing me?


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  • everything sound good. he will contact you.

    don't think about him all the time.

    let him come to you next week...keep busy...

    i am in the same boat and I think about him all the time, but I just share with my friends...then he contacts me and asks me out :)

    i have been on 4 dates with him and he travels a lot... :(


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  • He's still interested. It must be that he's just busy.


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  • Just wait...

    It's only been a day.. He may have caught up on some things and.or who knows what else could of happened.

    I would just take a deep breath.. Keep yourself busy until then, chill.

    He'll text you. May not be tonight, might be tomorrow - later on in the day. If not, wait until the weekend is over.

  • wait a few days before assuming anything but let him come to you I am sure he will