What should I do? Feeling desperate. I am dating a guy in an open relationship.

At first he was charming and Nice, we had a wonderful time together. But then he suddenly starts chatting and flirting with another woman. He flirts With her 24/7. When I was going out he said she might be at his Place while I was out. I am not jealous, but I think he should treat me with respect and not hurt me. I think she is playing a game With him, resulting him being grumpy at me for no reason. He said to me he hasn't met anyone else, but I found out that they have been on a date, and his begging for more...why is he lying to me? To her he wrote that I am just a tart who pops buy sometimes, and to me he said we have something Nice going on. What is right and wrong? Should I just dump him or see how this develops? I love him so much and I am afraid of loosing him. How can I charm him without being needy?


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  • You should really dump him. It's clear that something is happening behind your back.


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  • It's just my opinion, but I say RUN! It seems that he has some major issues and I wouldn't want to get dragged down that rabbit hole. From what you said it seems that he is just playing both you and the other woman. I don't think anyone deserves to be treated like that, I would find someone who treats you with respect.