My ex boyfriends best friend is taking me to prom but my ex still likes me.

So recently I got asked to prom by my ex boyfriend's best friend. Soon after that, my ex told me he still had feelings for me and I said I did for him as well and we agreed to take things slow and see where they went. I told him that I wouldn't hook up with or do anything with my prom date afterward and he was happy about that. We talked a lot and things seemed to be going well ten about a week after that, he started trying to convince me to hook up with my prom date after prom because he didn't want to 'snake' his friend and because its expected after prom. He said he was really high when he said all that and he still wanted to see where things would go but take things slow and not give me the wrong idea. He assured me that my prom date was only looking for a hookup so it would be fine. Today, I found out that my prom date actually really likes me. I'm not sure if my ex knows this or not and I don't know if it would change his mind about being alright with me hooking up with him. Should I tell him that his friend likes me? And if so how do I even bring it up?


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  • You need to decide who you like, and go on a straight path. Don't lead either one of them on. There's nothing wrong with turning down the best friend, if the situation makes you uncomfortable because you're still working on things with your ex. Just be honest with everyone, don't play them against each other, etc.

    You don't have to tell your ex about his best friend's feelings if you don't want to. You could just avoid that and say that you don't want to risk anything developing from the two of you hooking up or whatever.


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  • You should really tell him. Just text him if you can't get yourself to tell him in person.


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  • who do you want to date? if its not the ex,then don't tell him anything,its none of his business besides that he tried to encourage it