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Quite an interesting journey but I developed a thing for the man who hired me, my boss. Mind you, I didn't start talking to him after he left my place of work for a new job. Anyhow, we talk everyday and on the days I don't talk to him he always sends a message wondering what I'm up to. Tonight was the first time we got into an argument over a co-worker of mine he once had feelings for because tonight she said she missed him and wanted to give him another chance. It turned out to be a bigger fight than I thought it'd be but he refused to end it on a bad note. By the end of the conversation we were both laughing (changed topic) and talked for over an hour. After the phone call, about 10 min later..when I got all settled in bed to sleep, he sent me a " :) " text.

I guess what I'm asking is what do you think of his " :) " text. What does that mean? I'm worried if I made myself out to be a jealous, never trusting kind of girl who feeds into drama :/ Do guys get turned off by a girl after a fight and see them differently? or maybe he sees me in a positive way cause we worked things out? IDK. What do you think? How can you relate from your personal experiences?


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  • I think the smiley might just have been because he was happy that you ended a fight on a good note. I'm not sure how this guy would respond to a bit of jealousy. If he likes you, I think it is possible he would have liked that you got a bit jealous - it's an ego boost as it means he's worth fighting over. Because you reconciled I think that that's the more likely option.

    I do know many guys that find jealous girls off-putting because it often means they will be clingy and demanding, but from what you've described I think that he does like you.

    It seems like things are back to normal, so I wouldn't really stress. That said, I wouldn't make a habit out of getting into jealous fights with him haha.


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  • Dating people from work is always bad news. Even if he isn't at the same company anymore, its still bad. (normally its the idiots that work at banks that do this.)

    So he dated another girl at work? and now is onto you? What makes you think he isn't speaking/trying to pick up other woman at his new place of work? (or right lets question him about it. Well obviously he's gonna tell you no)

    This is why dating at work isn't a good thing. But hey, you wanna take a shot, go for it. Just becareful.

  • Sounds like he was trying to test your level of interest. Since you reacted, he knows you're interested. I certainly would tone down the 'psycho' from here on out.

  • It means that he wanted an assurance that you enjoyed talking to him, and he will visualize it as your real smile before he's going to sleep.


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