Would you show your girlfriend texts or emails a girl sent you?

Would you show your girlfriend texts or emails a girl sent you? For example, I want to go out with you and stuff like that...or would you just tell the girl to leave you alone and stuff without your girlfriend knowing? Would you let your girlfriend respond to any text and emails from another girl?


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  • I don't really see the point in showing it to her. Reading it is likely to make her more upset for no reason. I don't even think I would tell her. What purpose would telling my girlfriend do, except make her jealous for no reason. I mean, my girlfriend might get hit on all the time, but I really don't want to hear about it.

    • so if a guy show his girlfriend texts, he does not care?

    • Just showing his girlfriend texts doesn't prove anything. You would need to look at how he treats her the rest of the time. I would guess that he is either very serious about being honest with her, so he can't be accused of hiding anything later, or he wants to make her feel insecure, so that she will be easier to manipulate. There isn't enough information here to say for sure.


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  • No, I wouldn't show her. It's my privacy.

  • No. I'd handle it myself.

    • why? explain? What if a guy lets his girl handle it? explain?

    • It would only upset my girlfriend, I'm sure.

    • so if a guy does this to a girl who does not care?

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  • Would you really want to know? As long as he isn't hitting on her back or anything it doesn't really harm you in anyway. Would you tell your boyfriend if some guy was hitting on you? Would you want your guy replying back to these messages? Probably not. It would just cause un-needed drama. And like those guys said it would probably just make you jealous. You just got to trust your guy that he can handle it.

  • I would show my boyfriend my text messages, I mean I have. With guys asking me out and asking me to give them a chance and every time I would turn them down.

    So there was never a problem for me. He on the other hand, would only show me text messages and FB messages from girls he didn't like and he would push them away but when I saw it myself... yes I went through his phone... every girl he talks to he would say the same things to them as he would say to me. Which is disrespectful, especially if we've been together for 2 yrs.

    He even had 2 particular girls go over his house, as it said in the messages, behind my back and I would've never known about if I didn't follow my instincts and checked his phone. I only went on his phone because he went on mine while I fell asleep and it was a short conversation because he found nothing... I even showed him things he missed.

    It shouldn't be a problem for a guy to show his woman messages girls send him if he has nothing to hide. If he's being loyal to you... he should be able to be open with EVERYTHING. It won't make us insecure or jealous if the man we're with is putting the relationship first and making other girls irrelevant.