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Not sure how I feel about a girl messaging me who I don't know...?

I got messaged on fb by this girl I don't know at all. Apparently she has like 7 mutual friends, but still. She said this: "I added you because I... Show More

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  • If you want to go there, go for it. But be careful, because she could be a crazy, haha!

    • ha. I'm iffy cause I'm jammed up with summer college classes until June though :p

What Girls Said 6

  • And the award for Most Awkward Introduction Ever goes to...

    Just kidding! I think you should go for it - she clearly likes you. Maybe stick with using FB for now and then give her your number once you've determined she's not a stalker. If she's cute, you don't have much to lose, right? Hope you get it in. ;)

    • Haha I guess I'll try. But here's the most awkward conclusion ever: You have a nice butt ;) LOL

    • Lmao. Thank you ;)

  • could ask one of your 7 mutual friends about her

    • haha none of them were in my social group...

  • If she's attractive go ahead lol.

    Maybe she's seen you at parties or in your mutual friends' photos and finds you attractive yet has no way of meeting you herself...hence, she messaged you lol.

    If she's attractive what do you have to loose? She's clearly trying to get to know you better...

    Answer mine please?

  • Go for it. It can't hurt anything in any case

  • yea go for it... get your nut in...lol

    • LOL thanks

What Guys Said 3

  • Cat fish dundundunnn

  • It's quite clear that she's interested in you. You should give her your number and try to ask her out if you're interested in her.

  • Go for it, what have you got to lose? She might surprise you and be more intelligent than you think!

    • maybayyyyy

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